Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Growing Inequality and Looming Authoritarianism

The Title of this post is from an Article I read on Truthdig, and I lifted it without permission. But it sums up neatly the political and economic environment in which most of the world is living. Recently I was made to sign a six page legal agreement from my employer (a multi-national corporation — go figure!) regarding their Social Media Policy. The extent of their control over my speech includes anything I might post online on a private blog on my own time, including anything written under a pseudonym and any deleted posts. It's total control baby! So I will be very careful not to mention who my employer is, due to fear of future retaliation. However, once their control over our lives is complete — I'm a sitting duck. I now know this, and the list of places I can run to is sadly fictional — it's not like the Von Trapp family hiking over the Alps escaping the Nazis. Nowadays there is no place on this lonely blue sphere where one may escape. So it is in closing, in this very brief reintroduction to the cathartic spirit in which I blog, that I thank the Universe for the ability to think independently, skeptically and freely, and to share that with you readers — at least for a little while longer.