Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Let's Ground the Blue Angels

Should we continue to allow the Blue Angles to perform aerial acrobatics over our densely populated urban center?

Add your two cents here.

Fellow blogger SFMike has an intriguing piece on the subject, as well as his admirable exercises of civic duty.

You can read my comments on SFGate, but I'll sum up my points succinctly here.

1.) Aerial acrobatics performed over cities are disruptive and disturbing to the peace.

2.) Such has the potential for disaster, and puts lives of citizens in danger.

3.) Such displays are wasteful of fuel and send a pro-war message that help propagate further destruction of our planet and continued warfare that trivializes human life.

4.) There is no practical value or need for such displays.

5.) And lastly, residents of this city have the right to voice their opinion and the government is obliged to follow such opinion.

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