Monday, 15 October 2007

Coming Soon…

It has been months since I have posted anything of my own here on this blog. I am not apologizing, however. It is simply a dry spell. It is what it is. That means I will not offer any excuses. I hope you have at least enjoyed some of the humor of my YouTube Selections.

Something I have been ruminating over is a concept I have for visualizing ideas for automobile-free zones within my very own neighborhood. A friend of mine has given me a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop, and I have a digital camera. I will be introducing my own car-free visualizations with "before" and "after" shots. The "after" shots will be heavily manipulated, and I hope I am able to convincingly create images that convey in part what is locked up in my mind. Since I cannot draw or paint to save my life, I will photoshop instead! This will occupy a good deal of time, and it will likely be a while before you will see the results. Yet I think it will do a good deal to drive home the ideas I have for transforming cities into much more "livable" places.

Until then, I will be periodically submitting various posts and excerpts that I feel are more related to the subject matter of this blog. Although I am very politically minded, I will not be expressing much more in regard to politics either. However, I think I will be boycotting the next election, unless there is truly a candidate of substance in which to lend my support.

Hasta la vista, compadres.

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