Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shall I Be an Expatriate?

For the first time in my life I am seriously considering emigrating to another country. This will likely be hastened if Romney/Ryan are successful in lying and cheating the American public to win the White House in November. My reasoning is thus: 1. Respect for the Democratic process is sorely lacking in the modern GOP. Lying, cheating and stealing are simply a means to an end. And where unable to secure a majority, they have no issue in stonewalling the legislative process — even to the point of seriously putting the entire world economy on the brink of peril. 2. Respect for the citizenry is also gone. If one is poor, sick or elderly it is the fault of one's own. If one cannot afford a college tuition, or pay back the loans due to the fact there are simply no good jobs — well that's just tough nuts! Government owes nothing to the people that fund it. 3. Let the witch hunts begin! According to a good number of representatives and the people who would put them in power, I am a godless, communist, perverted faggot. If the modern GOP ever takes executive power, it will only be a matter of time until people like myself are scapegoated, kept in the ghettos, and eventually hauled off to the camps. 4. We can forget about Social Security and Medicare — even though we payed into it for years. Twenty years from now, that social safety net will be gone. Union Pensions and 401K's will also be at the mercy of Wall Street. Chances of me keeping a good union job until retirement are slim enough in today's economy and due to technology. A Romney win will seal the fate of Unions and collective bargaining. I could see myself in my fifties as unemployable. 5. This country as it stands has more inequality than it did 100 years ago. That will continue. The 99% will truly be at the mercy of the elite. We will be slaves to our masters. 6. The education of our citizenry will continue to decline and we will fall into a dark age of superstition. This will no longer be a place I wish to live, especially in my old age. Don't think for a minute that I am being alarmist or that I am somehow out of touch. And don't think it can't happen quickly — history shows how easily society can slide into oblivion. If you are voting God, Gays, or Guns — do your country a huge favor and stay at home watching Fox News on Election Day.

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