Friday, 29 June 2007

Public Art, or Public Eyesore?

You be the judge.

The fountain in Justin Herman Plaza. This was obviously a very cynical criticism of the area when the fountain was installed with the horrific concrete eyesore that was the Embarcadero Freeway as its backdrop. It brings to mind a kind of an "Escape from New York", or "Soylent Green" harkening back of that particular decade's view of Armageddon. It is a vile piece of trash, somebody please dispose of this.

"Cupid's Span" on the Embarcadero. It is cartoonish, and its ridiculously-scaled proportions do nothing to invite the viewer. This belongs in Disney Land, if anywhere. I'd like to take a crossbow and let an arrow fly at the person responsible for this crap. The artist? Well, he has to live with this on his conscience – that should be sufficient punishment.

I saved the worst for last. This horrid nightmare stands in the foreground of what is actually a beautiful steel structure – The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. What the heck is it? It is frightening. I call it "The Hideous Sea-Zombies". Would someone please set off a couple grenades under its feet? Could it be temporary? Please let it be taken away soon!

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