Saturday, 2 June 2007

When the Formula is Right…

Yet lacking any character, surprise or nuance whatsoever.

Every other realtively cheaply built house looks like every other relatively cheaply built house. You think we could abandon this total lack of creative vision? Had the architects designed some varying styles, and had the budgets allowed the addition of some architectural features, like bay windows, as well as materials that provide a sense of permanence and affluence, this project would have engaged imaginations rather than squandered yet another opportunity to provide better alternatives to sprawl. And finally, why is everything painted the same damn color? That is a stroke of institutionalization that is bound to appeal to no one.

A case where the formula is right, yet lack of organic structure, eccentricity, and the element of surprise just leaves our souls dry and thirsty. If you look at nature, you'll see she does this quite well. All we need do is imitate her.

I think they'll probably fill up nicely, however. I for one, should these homes be affordable, would seriously consider moving here. The advantages of having a decent market within the same block as well as being across the street from BART are quite appealing at my age now, not to mention in a decade or two when I will be older. We'll have to wait and see.


Well, I just got off the phone with Sharon, a nice lady who works at the Solaire rental office. Too bad there are no opportunities for home ownership there; they're all rentals. The property seems nice enough however. I was curious about the lower income housing. They have a few 750 square foot one bedroom units available on the low income plan. My partner and I actually qualify for the adjusted rent even though we both work 40 hours per week, but it only saves a couple hundred dollars per month, putting the rent to roughly $1900. I don't think South San Francisco has rent control, so that figure would likely go up each year. Currently we are paying $1275 for rent here in Chinatown for a one bedroom apartment (built in 1922) that is probably slightly larger. We shan't be moving to Solaire Apartments anytime soon.

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