Monday, 7 May 2007

'Cool Grey City' Projected to Turn Murderously Hot

It is only May, and this is probably the third or fourth day that we've had a heat wave here in San Francisco. It is 9 am, and the tempertaure is already soaring past 23 degrees. We are projected at hitting 30 degrees today. Last year we had a week long heatwave in July. This is not typical weather for our city, and we are ill prepared for it. Our apartment is like a furnace, with no means of cooling down. We have all the blinds shut and curtains drawn. Surprisingly, our beloved fog may be somewhat responsible for extreme variations of weather in our immediate future. So now we can buy air conditioners that will simply increase CO-2 emissions to combat the effects of global warming? We are frogs in a warm bath, and the flame is getting higher!

Here's an article from 2004, enjoy!

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