Sunday, 6 May 2007

Rant O' Th'morning

(I Posted as a comment to another blog.)

What ever happened to old people?

Why is the adjective "old" considered uncomplimentary?

How about "people who are very close to expiration"?

Seriously, we have a major psychological issue of denial in regard to our imminent demise.

Perhaps if we could just stop obsessing over our death (which is quite assuredly inevitable), and instead turn our energy towards leaving something of value for the generations to come, then at the very least we will be remembered fondly, and our handiwork will attest to our collective vision of munificence. As it now stands, we are not only assured that we will die and decompose, but all memory of us will also fade, with perhaps the sole exception being the fact that we behaved like a bunch of childish, selfish, ignominious morons.

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